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We Win, You Lose: No More Bottle for You!!!

January 14, 2013

zach drinking milk from a sippy cup

We have declared victory in the Great Bottle Wars of 2013. Zachary put up quite a struggle. He may be small but he is quite a fighter. Zachary tried to run from the milk filled sippy cup. He tried to fight it off by knocking it out of our hand. He tried to hand it back to us so we would get rid of the milk filled sippy cup. Zachary tried so hard but we were steadfast in our resolve. We would not go back to the bottle even if it meant Zachary screaming and even if it meant Zachary did not drink milk for a while. I had heard horror stories of children who refused to drink milk for weeks but we knew we could break Zachary because he loves his milk. Little by little he would give in. We would leave the milk filled sippy cup out and after a while of resisting he would take a sip or two. Zachary was conflicted as he loved the taste of the milk but wanted his bottle so badly. Eventually Zachary realized it was bye bye forever to the bottle. A couple of mornings ago I handed Zachary the milk filled sippy cup – mornings are when he was most resistant – and Zachary took it immediately and started drinking. Since then he has taken the milk filled sippy cup right away every day. Our only trick was to use the same sippy cup – the one Zachary is holding in the above picture – every time so he would know that this sippy cup was solely for milk. We are so glad that this battle is over and the bottle is done. Still we do not utter the B-word now in our household for fear that it was get Zachary riled up and he will start to have Vietnam like bottle flashbacks.


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