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Get in the Car, Get out of the Car, Get in the Car, Get out of the Car…

January 15, 2013

Zachary in his car (picture is a few months old)

Zachary had gotten the above car from his grandparents for his first birthday. It was a great gift but my immediate thought/concern was how is Zachary going to use this car. We live in New York City so our apartment is not all that big. There is not a lot of room for Zachary to push the car around before bumping into a wall and the same goes for pushing him while he sits in the car. I figured we could at least push him around the hallway. This was what I was thinking but, as always, Zachary had different plans. It has been a bunch of months since Zachary got the car so how does he use it? He has two distinct uses for the car:

  1. Zachary will repeatedly just get in and out of the car. He will get in the car, close the door,  and sit for like a second and then get out of the car and then get back into the car. 
  2. The even more perplexing use of the car is for storage of all the household remotes. Zachary loves to put our tv, dvd, cable box and  Roku remotes into the car. He puts them in there every day without fail. If you can’t find the remote in our household it is probably in Zachary’s car. I have no idea why he became obsessed with doing this but remote storage is what you do with a car I guess when you are a midget.
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