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RIP: Knuffle Bunny

January 16, 2013

Knuffle Bunny

Alas, Knuffle Bunny we knew you well. This cautionary tale by Mo Willems entertained Zachary on countless nights as it told the tale of Trixie and how she came to say her first words. It was a truly epic story recounting how Trixie lost Knuffle Bunny at the Laundromat and how Daddy proved the hero when he found Knuffle Bunny (we are very much hoping that this is turned into a movie trilogy by Peter Jackson). There were some things that never made sense to me like how Trixie could not speak but she could walk on her own all the way through the park, past the school and into the laundromat – that is quite a walk. For Zachary, the story always made sense and he laughed as Trixie tried to explain that Knuffle Bunny was missing, “Aggle Flabble Snurp!” I am sorry to say that we had to lay Knuffle Bunny to rest recently as a certain rambunctious midget decided to tear all the pages out. Wifey suggested last minute surgery to see if we could save the patient but taping the pages together would not work. I am now just left with one question, “Zachary, if you loved Knuffle Bunny so much, why did you destroy the book?”

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