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Sink time is awesome time!!!

January 21, 2013

zachary sitting in sink

Sink time is Zachary’s new obsession. I first tried sink time after an unusually messy pasta with tomato sauce meal and it was great for getting Zachary clean but as with all Zachary related activities there are pros and cons.


  1. Messy boy gets clean and our boy gets messy a lot;
  2. Playing with the running water means lot’s of fun for Zachary;
  3. Anything that keeps Zachary’s attention has to be a good thing.


  1. Have to change Zachary’s clothes after sink time because they always end up completely soaked;
  2. Wifey wants to kill Daddy because she doesn’t want Zachary’s outfit to get completely soaked;
  3. Zachary has such a good time during sink time that he loses his mind when we try to tear him away from the sink;
  4. Wifey wants to kill Daddy when Zachary loses his mind because she doesn’t want him playing in the sink in the first place.
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