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How important is it to do a good job brushing baby teeth?

January 23, 2013

The worst part of every day is when I try to brush Zachary’s teeth. Zachary hates brushing teeth so much that he just screams the whole time like I am water boarding him. They say you are supposed to brush your teeth for two minutes and I am usually about one minute and fifty seven seconds short of that goal with Zachary. At best I get the brush to go over his teeth for a few seconds and call it a good brushing session. But, is brushing baby teeth even that important? I mean these are just the baby teeth that Zachary will eventually lose to make room for his adult teeth. Should I be getting so stressed out about the fact that we do such a poor job brushing his practice teeth? I have read online that it is good to brush the baby teeth to get your child in the habit of brushing. All Zachary is getting in the habit of is screaming so I don’t think this is working. 

The odd/funny part is that Zachary actually gets excited for brushing teeth time. When I call out brushing teeth time he will run to the bathroom. I do let him play in the bathroom for a little bit before brushing but once I break out the toothbrush you can see the look of fear in his eyes. I have no idea why he gets excited to go to the bathroom when he clearly knows he will be tortured in there. I guess Zachary, like us is hoping this time will be different.

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