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I am 19 months old and I have almost perfected driving my parents crazy

January 28, 2013
zachary going through my wallet

Yes, that is in fact Zachary going through my wallet.

I can’t believe Zachary is now 19 months old. He has grown so much. I cannot believe the difference even since he was a year old. He is becoming more of a little crazy midget person every day and more awesome every day as well. And, as he can do more and understands more he has becoming increasing amazing at driving us nuts. Some examples below:

  • There is a standing halogen lamp we use in our bedroom because there is no overhead or hanging light. We always firmly tell Zachary not to touch the lamp because he can knock it over and we have not figured out how to make the lamp child proof. Now, when Zachary is in our room he will point to the lamp, say, “no, no”, smile and then grab the lamp anyway.
  • If you hand Zachary food while he already has food in his mouth he will take the half eaten food out of his mouth and hand it to you or, worse, drop the half eaten food on the floor. He is kind of like a bulimic without the initial digestion part.
  • We have now had to put adhesive child locks on our oven to keep him out of there.
  • Zachary likes to open the dishwasher but this had not been a problem because you can lock the dishwasher. Yesterday, Zachary figured out how to unlock the dishwasher.
  • Zachary has figured out how to open every cabinet and drawer in the kitchen that is at his level.
  • Zachary can now get into our dresser drawers and loves taking out the clothing. Good thing it is Wifey’s clothes in the lower drawers.

  • Zachary somehow removed the batteries from the remote for our Roku player. I know we should not keep random batteries laying around but we have no idea what he did with the batteries.
  • Zachary woke up at early on Sunday morning and was demanding to go into the hallway of our apartment building to play. He kept pointing at the door shouting/whining, “hallway”. I had to try to explain to Zachary that he could not go running and screaming through the hallway before 7AM on a Sunday morning.
  • When reading to Zachary, if he loves a book he will make you read it to him eight times in a row and if he does not like a book he will knock it out of your hands before you can read a whole sentence.
  • Zachary generally finds it hilarious when we start saying “no” and get upset. For example, he will take his snack cup full of cheerios and start throwing them on the floor. We will start saying “no” and try to get him to stop and he will start cracking up and try even harder to throw his cheerios everywhere.
  • Finally, Zachary has recently discovered the joy of splashing in the bathtub meaning Zachary and I both now need a towel by the end of bath time.
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