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I don’t remember being difficult about brushing teeth

January 29, 2013

zach brushing

Out of nowhere, as if a magic spell has been cast over Zachary, he has suddenly become totally fine with brushing teeth. Brushing Zachary’s teeth used to be the worst part of my day. Zachary would scream and shout and act as if I was attempting some form of medieval torture. Then, one day last week I went to brush Zachary’s teeth and he was fine with it. He even attempted to brush his own teeth when I handed him the brush. Since then brushing Zachary’s teeth has been a breeze. Zachary mostly likes to chew on the brush and suck out the water which is totally cool with me. I doubt I am doing a great job brushing but at least the brush is now touching his teeth. I have not attempted to use toothpaste yet because it is too soon to fly too close to the sun. Maybe, I will try tooth paste if this no problem brushing keeps going for say a month.

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