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What was your morning like???

February 5, 2013

zach getting ready for the day

A morning in the life of Zachary:

  • Mommy and Daddy came to get me around 7Am or so. I was nice enough to sleep in. 
  • I played my favorite morning game where I refused to get out of the crib and kept pointing while saying some some fake words. Mommy and Daddy think I am asking for something but the truth is I just like to point and confuse them.
  • I drank my milk out of my orange sippy cup. I swear I used out of a “bo..”, you know I can’t remember what I used to drink my milk from.
  • I ate my three pancakes. I get three pancakes so you better not give me less. I don’t do yogurt anymore.
  • Mommy got me dressed for the day. I squirm a lot on the changing table just to keep Mommy on her toes.
  • Daddy upon my insistence pushed me around the hallway in my toy car.
  • I walked around in Daddy’s shoes for a bit. I am amazing steady while walking in sneakers that are more than three times the size of my feet.
  • I had a meltdown because Daddy stopped blowing bubbles after five minutes. Daddy, you keep blowing bubbles until I say you are done.
  • I found Daddy’s wallet and emptied the contents – this is one of my new favorite activities.
  • We read “The Very Hungry Catepillar” pop-up book. It kind of like the regular book in 3-D.
  • I must have done something bad because Daddy brushed my teeth.
  • I helped Daddy get dressed for the day and by helped I mean I grabbed Daddy’s shirt and ran away with it.
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