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Dressing my son is easy if your name is Wifey

February 7, 2013

zach from this morning

If it was my responsibility to buy clothes for and dress Zachary then I do not know what he would wear on daily basis. I don’t even know if I could figure out what to buy and my ability put together a matching outfit for him is quite limited. Wifey and I happily share many of the responsibilities for Zachary but Wifey is completely in charge of making sure Zachary has enough clothes that fit him and making sure he actually looks good on a daily basis. Zachary is so much more stylish than I will ever be. Sometimes I look at Zachary’s outfits and think maybe I should get an outfit like that – I hate shopping so that will probably never happen but it is a thought. Wifey does an amazing job dressing Zachary and I am amazed that he has such an extensive wardrobe. Many times when I try to get him dressed I will hear the following from Wifey, “Why is Zachary wearing short sleeves to bed in the middle of winter?…Why is he wearing a 12 month size shirt that hasn’t fit him since the fall?…Um, I guess those match, but let me just change his pants so other parents don’t laugh.” Things were a lot easier when he just wore a onesie. It is hard work making sure this boy is dressed well on a daily basis so I really hope Zachary appreciates all that Wifey does for him.

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