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MORE HIPPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 12, 2013

Wifey was showing Zachary some fun videos on Youtube and one of her searches was for “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. The search returned a video of a cartoon hippo along with a cartoon rat singing, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. Zachary really loved this video and kept asking for it by saying, “more hippo”. At lunch Zachary said, “more hippo”, and at dinner, Zachary said, “more hippo”. Eventually we stopped showing Zachary the video and just let him listen to the song. Zachary has become obsessed with this song. Yesterday, he asked for “more hippo” maybe a thousand times and I am probably a little low on my count. I would play the video without having Zachary watch the video. When it would end he would ask for more so I would hit play again, and again, and again. Every two minutes and thirty nine seconds there was a demand for “more hippo”. I think Zachary might be hazing me.

Surprisingly though, after listening all day to “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” Zachary did not get sick of the song and surprisingly I was not all that sick of it either. The video is below:

UPDATE FROM WIFEY: “It is not a rat in the video, the other animal is a dog. Rats are not cute. Even Zachary knows it is a dog.”

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