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February 14, 2013

zachary brushing

Zachary now absolutely loves brushing his teeth which is baffling to us, his parents. At first, Zachary was kind of fine with brushing. Then for a solid 7 month span Zachary acted like brushing was an act of torture. Then, a few weeks ago he started all of a sudden being okay again with brushing which was a giant relief to us. Over the weekend, Wifey decided it was a good idea to put a step stool in the bathroom so Zachary could stand at the sink and look in the mirror while brushing. By jove, Wifey figured out the magic formula. Now, Zachary is obsessed with brushing. He was brushing the other night for fifteen minutes straight and cried when I tried to make him stop. Yesterday, he may have brushed his teeth on six separate occasions. Anytime I left the bathroom door open he would run in there and start brushing his teeth. I am really happy that Zachary now loves brushing but it does sort of feel like I am living in the twilight zone.

Also, I would say Zachary now has the cleanest teeth of any toddler but all he really does is suck the water off the toothbrush which I don’t think is all that effective in getting his teeth clean. He just keeps running the toothbrush under the water and then sucks the water off the brush. He likes to suck the toothpaste off the brush too.

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  1. February 14, 2013 7:38 pm

    The step stool- what a great idea! You should see what I go through when I try and brush my kid’s teeth- wait, I’m sure you already know 🙂

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