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Deep thoughts by a Daddy

February 15, 2013

zachary getting ready for the snow

The last 19+ months with Zachary have been filled with amazing memories for Wifey and I. As I look back on all the great memories, I realize that my own memories from childhood do not even start until I was three years old. And, at that age the memories are pretty vague. This means that all the amazingly fun times we are having with Zachary will be remembered by us and not him. Zachary will not remember any of this and that makes me sad.

At least, when Zachary is older we will have pictures, videos, stories and this blog to show Zachary how much fun we had. I hope he believes us.

ME: Do you remember the first time we took you to a Mets game? You were running around everywhere and

FUTURE ZACHARY: Nope, can’t say that I do.

ME: Do you remember how much fun you had the first time we went sledding and played in the snow?


ME: What about the first time you walked and how excited

FUTURE ZACHARY: Can’t say that I do.

ME: What about the time when you were two weeks old and you shot out that rocket poop and it went everywhere?

FUTURE ZACHARY: Why would you even bring that up???

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