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I ain’t afraid of no doggie!!!

February 20, 2013

zachary petting Ollie

Up until recently Zachary has basically been petrified of dogs. When someone would walk by with a dog in our building Zachary would hold on to our legs for dear life and many times start crying he was so scared. I can see how a dog would be scary to a little midget especially when you do not spend a lot of time around them. There had been one incident where our friend’s puppy jumped on Zachary which lead to both Zachary and Wifey screaming. Zachary’s fear of dogs has always been a big problem when we went to see my Aunt and Uncle or my cousins because they both have dogs. We would always have to make sure the dogs where outside or locked in a room because Zachary would freak. On Monday, we went to my Aunt and Uncle’s and Zachary was once again going to encounter two dogs. I was hopeful though. He had recently been at my sister’s place and was actually chasing her cats. He had previously been scared of cats as well but not to the extent he feared dogs. When we arrived on Monday, Zachary immediately freaked out upon seeing the dogs and I thought, “here we go again”.  In an effort to get Zachary over his initial fears I took him up to the dogs and started petting them. And, as you can see in the picture, we had a major break through. Within maybe ten minutes, Zachary was not only comfortable with the dogs he was chasing them around. The dog he is petting in the picture is named “Ollie” and Zachary kept running around screaming “Ollie, Ollie”. He kept calling both dogs “Ollie” and would go out of his way to find the dogs when they were in a different room. It was so awesome watching Zachary overcome his dog fear and get excited about dogs. Is Zachary getting a dog any time soon? Probably not. Maybe when we move to the suburbs.

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