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Pasta for Breakfast????

February 25, 2013

Zachary pulls container with elbow macaroni out of the fridge

ME: Zachary, you can’t want pasta. It’s breakfast time. And, you have already had your milk and pancakes and a piece of Challah bread. Are you even still hungry?

ZACHARY: (starts shaking the container) WAAAA!

ME: Fine, I’ll give you a little bit of pasta.

ZACHARY: (Chomp, chomp, starts throwing the pasta into his mouth).

ME: But Zachary…not too much pasta…but it is breakfast.

ZACHARY: (Smiling as he keeps going to town on the pasta).

ME: That’s a lot of pasta to eat, especially for breakfast. Who even eats plain pasta for breakfast?

ZACHARY: (Eating so fast he can’t look up to acknowledge me).

ME: Well, don’t tell Mommy I gave you pasta for breakfast. She is not going to be happy.

ZACHARY: (Chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp,chomp, keeps shoveling in the pasta).

ME: Oh man….

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