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Timeout + Zachary = A Confusing 30 seconds of staring at the wall

February 26, 2013

I am not going to lie, Zachary is not always as well behaved as we would like. Sometimes he pulls Wifey’s hair, sometimes he throws his food on the floor and sometimes he grabs things he shouldn’t like wires. We are pretty sure that at 19 months Zachary understands that he is breaking the rules as he is usually smiling while doing so. We do our best to tell Zachary “no” and recently we have started putting Zachary in timeout as a way to discipline him. Timeout consists of us having Zachary stand in the corner and stare at the wall for 30 seconds. The idea behind this is for Zachary to understand that timeout means he did something bad, think about the bad thing he did and then no longer do it again. This sounds good in theory but in practice I am fairly certain Zachary has no idea why he is standing there and definitely does not think about the bad thing he just did. We usually just hope Zachary forgets about the bad activity during timeout and then moves on to something different after timeout. This works maybe half the time with Zachary just returning right back to the bad activity the other half of the time. So I guess we are using timeout these days less as a way to teach Zachary a lesson and more as a way to distract him in hopes he forgets what he was just doing.

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