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Yes, I play with puppets

March 1, 2013

zach and his puppets

For a while Zachary was scared of hand puppets but now, he loves them. In the above picture, he is holding his two puppets, Grasshopper and Pink Puppet. He likes to hand them to me and have me put on puppet shows for him. Here is how most of the shows go:

GRASSHOPPER: Hey Pink Puppet!

PINK PUPPET: Hey Grasshopper!

GRASSHOPPER: What are you up to Pink Puppet?

PINK PUPPET: Not much Grasshopper, though I am getting hungry.

GRASSHOPPER: Me too. Do you know what is super tasty and fun to eat?

PINK PUPPET: What? Tell me!

GRASSHOPPER: Zachy’s feet!

PINK PUPPET: Ooooh, Zachy’s feet! We should totally do that.

 Then the puppets attack and try to eat Zachary’s feet. Zachary loves his puppet shows. Rumor has it that his Aunt Aimee bought him an Elmo Puppet. I am pretty sure Zachary is going to flip with excitement when he sees that puppet.

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  1. March 2, 2013 4:03 am

    My only words of widsom: Be careful when choosing the voice you use for those puppets as Zachary will expect you to use them ALL THE TIME. My 101 Dalmations voice is high-pitched bad British accent. It is a choice that I regret.

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