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Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

March 5, 2013

Oh, the places you’ll go when reading to a toddler like Zachary. You will go to magical places and have wild adventures with peculiar looking characters as you soar through the air or enter strange lands. However, the one place you will not go to is to end of this book. I have ready this book to Zachary maybe thirty times over the last few days and I am not exaggerating. Every time I read it to Zachary we get about halfway and he shuts the book insisting that I start over. I comply and eventually get back to the halfway point only to have the book once again shut on me. Zachary is a huge fan of the first half of this book but has little interest in finding out where this adventure ends. Unlike Zachary, I am getting kind of curious to see how this story ends but Zachary won’t let me find out. I guess I could read this on my own but that would be weird.

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