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I Can Open afraid, be very afraid…

March 8, 2013

I should have actually taken a picture of Zachary opening a door…oh well

During Zachary’s first year of life every accomplishment of his was met with pure excitement from us. “Yay, Zachary can roll over. Yay, Zachary can sit up by himself. Yay, Zachary can crawl.” During his second year we were super excited when Zachary learned to walk and super excited when he started saying words. Lately, however, we have not been quite as excited by some of his accomplishments. This week for instance Zachary mastered opening the doors in our apartment. The doors have handles that you pull down and Zachary has gotten just tall enough to pull down the handles. Our reaction to this like our reaction to many things has been, “Oh great, now Zachary can get into our bedroom. Oh great, now Zachary can climb on top of the dinning table. Oh great, now Zachary can unlock and open the dishwasher.” If you hadn’t guessed there was a lot of sarcasm in those statements. I wonder if I can get Zachary to forget some of these new accomplishments.

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