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When you take out the garbage you can’t forget…

March 18, 2013

ME: Hey Zachary, do you want to take out the garbage?

ZACHARY: (runs to the door excited to take out the garbage).

ME: Okay, let’s go.

ZACHARY: uh,uh (as he approaches the door he turns back pointing in distress).

ME: What’s wrong, did you forget something?

ZACHARY: (runs over to the other side of the room, grabs his toy brown cow and runs out the door).

ME: Oh, you needed to grab your brown cow to take out the garbage. Makes perfect sense.

Zachary will also grab his water cup to take on the trip to throw out the garbage. I guess it can be a long walk to the other end of the hallway so you don’t want to end up over there without your supplies.

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