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Passover with small children

March 26, 2013

A picture from dessert at Passover, Zachary was running around the house with a sugar high at this point.

Passover with my family has changed dramatically over the last few years now that we have a bunch of toddlers running around – my sister has two kids, my cousin has one and we have Zachary. Here are some highlights from this year:

  • We used to do some semblance of a Passover Seder which included reading from the Haggadah (a Passover prayer book). This year we factored in the kids’ shot attention spans and said let’s just skip the Haggadah and try to make it through the dinner before the kids lose their minds and go running from the table.
  • Passover used to be a nice relaxed dinner where we stuffed ourselves on delicious food. We are still stuffing ourselves but things are not quite as relaxed. This year we ate to the sounds of screaming children and, more specifically, to the sounds of us begging Zachary to stay in his high chair a little longer and to please stop throwing his food on the floor.
  • Our Passover Seder included delicious chicken and brisket. Zachary chose to eat neither of these things and instead to gorged himself on matzah ball soup and Gefilte fish. Most shocking was that Zachary was scarfing down the Gefilte fish which is basically a Jewish fish version of Spam.
  • Speaking of the matzah ball soup, Zachary now loves to eat soup but he has a slightly different method than you and I. He briefly tries to use the spoon then he quickly switches to sticking his hands in the soup, sucking the soup off his fingers and grabbing out the matzah ball to stick directly in his mouth.
  • Zachary had some chocolate covered matzah for dessert. For those that don’t already know covering matzah with chocolate is about the only way to make it taste good.  Zachary’s reaction to this influx of sugar from the chocolate covered matzah caused him to be as off the wall as I have seen him. He was running around like a madman. On the ride home – in which he normally passes out quite fast – he took forever to fall asleep. at one point he was trying to climb out of his car seat so Wifey told him to “sit down”. Zachary’s reaction was to repeatedly say, “Sit down” for the next twenty straight minutes until he finally conked out.
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