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Toddlers and Ownership

March 27, 2013

zach playing with another kid's toy

Last night at Passover, Zachary got a present for finding the matzah – he did not actually find it but got the present anyway. Other kids got presents as well for finding the matzah. Zachary got a cool puzzle but in the picture above he is playing with a car and truck that the kid next to him was given. Zachary preferred the car and truck so he just took it which is kind of how ownership works in toddler world. When Zachary sees a toy he likes he takes it. When we are at a store he just grabs toys and assumes ownership over them until he gets bored and gives up ownership. There seems to me no concept of yours  or ours in Zachary’s world as everything just kind of belongs to him.  

Actually, to be fair, Zachary does have some concept of the ownership of others. The other night I was going to read Zachary stories before bedtime. I borrowed Wifey’s watch to keep track of time. Zachary grabbed the watch from me and refused to give it back. He kept just holding it out and saying, “Mama, Mama…” Eventually I had Wifey come back into his bedroom and Zachary happily gave the watch back to Wifey. It seems he has some concept of what belongs to Wifey and what belongs to Daddy.

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