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I am 21 months today and, if you have not noticed, I am quite pushy

March 28, 2013

zach 21 months

Happy 21 Month BDay Zachary!!!

Wifey and I are so happy that you are now 21 months. You have gotten so big and mature for your age but we have noticed something that we wanted to speak with you about, you have become quite pushy in your old age. Some examples below:

  • Last night, Wifey agreed to do stories with you so Daddy/me could go to the gym – which was quite nice of Wifey. You spoiled our plans though when you yanked the books out of Wifey’s hand when she tried to read to you and pushed her out of the room. You grabbed me and forced me to read to stories to you. I love reading to you but sometimes you need to be flexible about the plans.
  • There have been a number of occasions lately where you will sit down in our building hallway and pat the ground next to you saying, “Sit down Daddy…sit down Mommy”. You’ll force us to sit with you in the hallway while our neighbors all walk by confused as to why that weird family is having an picnic outside the elevators.
  • There are times when we are walking somewhere in the city and you will insist on being carried, which is cool because Wifey and I love carrying you. The thing is you are very insistent on who carries you and a lot of the time you will insist that only Wifey carry you. The problem is that Wifey is not so strong – I mean compared to you she is strong but compared to the average adult she is not – so carrying you for blocks does not work out well for her.

Anyway, if you could be a little more flexible and less pushy going forward that would be awesome. I hope you have an awesome 21 month bday today.

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