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Zachary mastered some new skills over the weekend and boy am I sarcastically excited

April 1, 2013

zach midway through taking off his shirt

ZACHARY: Hey Daddy, guess what? I can now get my shirt over my head all by myself!!!

ME: Great, son…

ZACHARY: Hey, and remember how I used to open the dishwasher?

ME: Yeah.

ZACHARY: And, remember how you started locking the dishwasher but I figured out how to unlock it?

ME: Yeah, that was super exciting.

ZACHARY: Well now, I can actually turn on and run the dishwasher.

ME: I noticed.

ZACHARY: Isn’t that helpful that I can run the dishwasher myself.

ME: Not really helpful at all actually.

ZACHARY: And, I figured out how to turn the TV on myself and figured out how to climb on top of the dinning room table.

ME: I am really overjoyed by all this.


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