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My son loves old white men more than the Republican party

April 8, 2013
photo 3 (1)

from left to right: Cousin Willie, Grandpa, Great Uncle and Zachary

RANDOM STRANGER:Boy, your seems to really love playing with his grandpa.

ME: That’s not his grandpa. I have actually have no idea who that old, white-haired man is.

I do not know why but Wifey and I have noticed for a while that Zachary absolutely loves old white men. At first we thought it was just that he was into his grandfathers. Then we started noticing something. Zachary would start waiving hi to old white men who were strangers in our building. He has run up to old white men who sees sitting in our lobby. Zachary is normally very bashful around strangers and can be extremely shy when meeting new kids. But, when it comes to meeting new old white men he could not be friendlier. Over the weekend, we were at a first birthday party and, instead of playing with the other kids, he found some random old white man to play with. He was sitting next to this man, even grabbing his face, happy as could be. This wasn’t even the birthday boy’s grandfather, just another grandfather who happened to be there. I am hoping Zachary will soon grow out of his old white man thing.

ME: Zachary, now please do not take candy from strangers.

FUTURE ZACHARY: I won’t unless it is an old white man, and if it is, I may have to hug him.

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