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Toddler Tantrums vs. Logic

April 9, 2013

zachary eating pinkberry

Zachary is now 21 months and he is at the age where he throws tantrums. Tantrums seem to be a feature of the terrible twos and I guess get worse at the age of 2 but they start earlier than that. It mostly involves a toddler not getting his way or not understanding why something had to happen the way it did. Every time I read an article about tantrums, the articles make the point that you should not try to reason or use logic with your child when they are throwing a tantrum and that they cannot be reasoned with. NO SH%!T SHERLOCK! If you have ever dealt with a child having a tantrum you will know there is no greater, more obvious point that they cannot be reasoned with or convinced to calm down with logical reasoning. Do they really think that I am sitting there trying to thoughtfully explain to Zachary that he should not be losing his mind because I wiped chocolate ice cream off of his face, or the world will actually not end because I tore his pizza into smaller pieces to make it easier for him to eat. Do they really think I am baffled that simply explaining to Zachary that I don’t want him to throw away all of our garbage bags will get him to stop screaming? PLEASE STOP WRITING DUMB ARTICLES ABOUT KIDS THAT PRESENT SUPER OBVIOUS POINTS AS HELPFUL ADVICE!!! We get that Zachary will throw tantrums and lose his mind and never thought logically explaining to him that eating rocks is bad for him would get him to stop to stop screaming.

Along those lines, here are some other super obvious article ideas for those who write these dumb articles:

  1. “Why your toddler should eat every day” 
  2. “If your toddler stops breathing and turns blue, stop what your doing immediately and seek help”
  3. “Why your toddler should wear pants in public”
  4. “Repeat after me, if I throw  my toddler out the window he will not magically learn to fly”
  5. “Why drinking while bathing your toddler is a definite no no”
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