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QUESTION: What is the best possible thing to do after breaking the rules?

April 11, 2013

zach being silly

ANSWER: To break the rules again…and again…and again…

Something happens when we tell Zachary no and explain to him that he has just broken the rules. His face lights up like the sun filling the morning sky and he immediately wants to repeat whatever devious action has preceded our disapproval.

  • No Zachary, do not play with those wires. (2 seconds pass) Why are you playing with the wires again???!!!!
  • No Zachary, don’t eat those rocks. (2 seconds pass) Why are you trying to eat those rocks again, I just told you to stop???!!!
  • No Zachary, it is not nice to pull Mommy’s hair. (2 seconds pass) Why are you pulling Mommy’s hair again???!!!
  • No Zachary, don’t throw your mac & cheese on the floor. (2 seconds pass) Stop with throwing your food on the floor!!!
  • No Zachary, stop opening your drawers and pulling out your clothes. (2 seconds pass) Arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!

I think you get the picture. Not sure why, but pushing limits is about as fun as it gets for Zachary.

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