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April 16, 2013

zachary with his new friend, Henry the Dog

I thought Zachary was scared of dogs. It used to be a problem. My cousin has a big dog. My Aunt and Uncle have a dog. We have friends who have dogs. Anytime we went to one of their places Zachary would freak out with fear when he saw the dogs. The dogs would be banished to the outdoors for the crime of being a dog around a baby. When a dog would walk to close to Zachary he would start crying out of fear. We hoped Zachary would get over his fear and slowly he did start to conquer his dog fear. He would warm up to the dogs and start to pet them. Then something clicked and suddenly Zachary had dog fever. Now every time we go see family or friends with dogs Zachary stalks them like a crazy midget. Over the weekend we went over a friend’s place who has a young dog. Zachary kept following shouting doggie and asking him to “sit, sit”. The dog went outside so Zachary went outside. The dog went inside so Zachary went inside. Now our biggest fear is that we will soon have to get a dog. As soon as Zachary figures out how to ask he may very well start asking for a doggie and we may start wishing he was once again afraid of doggies.

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