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The Yellow Ball/Green Ball Game

April 24, 2013

photo (21)

There are only two ways in which a game with Zachary ends. Alternative number one, Zachary gets bored of the game and moves on. Alternative number two, Zachary somehow ends up crying and that ends the game. That is it.  I have never seen a game with Zachary end any other way. We have a new game we have started playing called yellow ball/green ball game. In this game, we go to the hallway outside our apartment and throw a yellow ball and green ball. First I throw the balls down the hallway and Zachary races to get them before I do. Then he throws them and I race to grab the balls before he does (in case you are curious, his throws do not go quite as far as mine). For a midget that likes to run around like a maniac this game works really well. Zachary was having a great time playing this game a few nights ago and did not look like he would get bored any time soon. Then, he hit a wall. I do not mean figuratively but literally. He looked back at me while running after the balls and somehow veered off directly into a wall. He burst out crying immediately and I knew yellow ball/green ball was done for the night. He survived though and we got to play yellow ball/green ball the following night – thankfully, this time the game just ended with alternative number one happening.

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