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I just turned 22 Months so where are my Mommy and Daddy???

April 29, 2013
us in new orleans

Wifey and I being quite silly at Jazz Fest

Happy 22 Month BDay Zachary!!!

We celebrated this wonderful occasion by taking our first trip sans Zachary – sorry midget dude. Wifey and I went down to Jazz Fest in New Orleans for a long weekend while Zachary hung at Grandma and Grandpa’s. We did make it back yesterday for Zachary’s 22 Month Bday but we were gone a few nights. How was it being gone from Zachary? Well, we got to sleep in and live less responsibly for couple of days with lots of great food, good music and some alcohol mixed in. It was definitely a good time but I also found myself staring way too long at every baby and toddler I saw – probably freaking out some parents – as I missed Zachary terribly. We both did and we ended up spending a good portion of the time, say 75% or so of waking hours talking about what Zachary was up to or calling for updates. The biggest highlight of each day was hearing Zachary on the phone say “Hi Daddy”. How did Zachary react to having us gone? I am not sure he noticed because he was having too much fun with his grandparents. When we came back yesterday his reaction was sort of like, “oh hey, I guess I have not seen you guys in a few days.”

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