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3 Hand Puppets But Only 2 Hands

May 7, 2013

zachary with his puppets

Zachary has become a bit obsessed with his puppets. There is grasshopper, pink puppet and Elmo puppet. Like all Zachary obsessions they start out as a positive but that changes.


ME: Hey Wifey, isn’t it awesome how much Zachary is into his puppets?


ME: Hey Wifey, isn’t it awesome how much Zachary is into his puppets (a lot more sarcasm this time)? How do we get him to stop???

Zachary will run over to me holding the puppets and throw a fit if I do not put them on immediately. When I put on the puppets, he will sit there and watch grasshopper and pink puppet interact. He will look at the puppets when they talk to him, slap them five and even give them hugs. It is all really great except that Zachary only wants to play with the puppets at the expense of dinner time, getting dressed, brushing teeth and everything else we need him to do. The other problem is there are three puppets and Zachary likes when all three puppets are involved. It is obviously hard to work three hand puppets at one time and also my hands get surprisingly hot inside the puppets. Zachary is in charge though so I guess it will be puppet time in our household for a while.

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