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Two Versions of Mommy Day with Zachary

May 13, 2013

zach with mommy

Wifey had a very nice Mommy Day yesterday. Here are two versions of how yesterday morning went:

VERSION 1: How we want to remember yesterday when we look back:

Zachary wished Wifey a Happy Mommy Day and then we took her to a nice breakfast at a French bakery that she wanted to try. After, we all went to Central Park. It was a beautiful morning at Central Park as we sat by a lake there and stared at the duckies.

VERSION 2: Here is a less idealized version of yesterday morning.

After much coaxing Zachary looked at Wifey and said, “Mommy Day” and then went back to playing. Next, we went to a nice breakfast in which Zachary smeared Nuttella all over his face and hands. We then had to beg Zachary to stay in his high chair, eventually giving him the i-Phone to play with so Wifey and I could finish breakfast. After that, we went to Central Park where we saw the duckies. Zachary was kind of obsessed with the duckies and almost threw himself into the lake to get to the duckies. See picture below. Zachary also threw a fit when we eventually had to leave the duckies.

zach looking at ducks

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