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Unexpected Problems When Dealing With a Zachary

May 15, 2013

photo 2

PROBLEM: One of Zachary’s feet is a half size bigger than the other.

WHY IS THIS AN ISSUE: It means one of Zachary’s sneakers is always a bit loose on him.

HOW DOES ZACHARY REACT TO THIS ISSUE: Frequently when he is sitting down, especially when in the stroller he will use one of his feet to take the loose sneaker off the other foot. Sometimes he takes his sock off too.

WHY DOES THIS WORRY US: We are worried that Zachary will take his shoe off while we are walking him in the stroller somewhere and we will only realize his sneaker has fallen off when it is too late. Losing a toddler sneaker would really not be fun as they are not so cheap.

OUR SOLUTION: We do not let Zachary wear sneakers while in the stroller.

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