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Dinner: An every night struggle

May 21, 2013
dinner with zachary

Zachary bailing way too early on dinner

WIFEY: How was dinner with Zachary?

ME: Well I made him mac & cheese, a turkey sandwich and some baby carrots.

WIFEY: That is quite a meal. Did he eat all of it?

ME: Not quite.

WIFEY: What did he eat?

ME: Water.

WIFEY: Water?

ME: Yep, just water.

WIFEY: Nothing else? 

ME: Well he did have seconds.

WIFEY: Oh good, but what did he have seconds of? I thought he just ate water?

ME: Yep. After finishing the water, he had a second helping of water.

WIFEY: So, Zachary didn’t touch the food?

ME: Of course he touched the food. Zachary had to touch the food in order to move it out of the way and make room for his water.

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