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Old Macdonald had a farm and other useful information

May 23, 2013

Zachary really enjoys the Old Macdonald song. The best part of singing it is that Zachary will now actually suggest the animals. I will say, “and on his farm he had a…” and Zachary will fill in the blank by saying cow or horsey or doggy or piggy or car. Yes, Old Macdonald had a car on his farm that went vroom vroom here and vroom vroom there. Singing this song has gotten me thinking how funny it is that when Zachary first started learning to talk we focused on teaching him animal sounds. “Zachary, what does the horsey say?” “Zachary, what does a cow say?” I do not think this is unusual as I think a lot of people teach their little ones the animal sounds and are excited when they hear a moo or oink oink from their child. What I do not quite get is why we teach this. I feel like there may be no greater bit of useless information than the animal sounds. If Zachary never learned that a sheep goes ba ba, I think he would still do fine in life. I cannot picture a situation where this knowledge would even be remotely useful and I highly doubt Zachary will be really thankful that we taught him that a rooster goes cock-a-doodle-doo.

“Well Zachary, you knowing the sound that a horse makes really saved our company today.”

“Of course I will marry you Zachary, I have always wanted to spend my life with someone who can teach me what a pigs says.”

“Zachary, I cannot believe the White House is safe and the aliens are defeated simply because you knew what sound a bee makes.”

“Good thing Zachary that you knew that a dog goes woof woof as we almost ended up with a pet raccoon.”

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