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Bathing Zachary in 7 easy steps…

May 25, 2013

The picture of Zachary running around after bath time has been censored by good judgement

Step 1: Zachary says no to bath time.

Step 2: Zachary gives in to bath time after I give him the job of finding his bath towel.

Step 3: After getting undressed, Zachary gets into the bath tub himself. (He gets in all by himself? Yep, he has become quite an independent boy that freaks when I try to help him get into the bath).

Step 4: Zachary freaks when I pour water over his head in an effort wash his hair. (I do my best to cover his eyes).

Step 5: Zachary throws all his toy animals out of the bath.

Step 6: After being in the bath for all of five minutes, Zachary gets out of the tub.

Step 7: I chase a naked boy around the apartment for at least 10 minutes as Zachary cracks up the whole time he is running away from me.

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