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Strange Tales of a Toddler: The Cornell Teddy

June 6, 2013

BACKGROUND: I am not proud to admit this but Wifey puts stuffed animals on our bed when it is made. One of the stuffed animals is a Cornell teddy bear because we both attended college there.

BEDTIME: Last night, I was putting Zachary down for the night and he started getting very upset when I left the room. Zachary was standing up in the crib and screaming. To calm him, I told Zachary that I had a special treat for him and gave him the Cornell teddy. Zachary smiled when I gave him the Cornell teddy and laid down in the crib.

20 MINUTES LATER: I was in the living room playing on the iPad. I had barely heard a peep from Zachary. Suddenly, I heard screaming from his room. Zachary sounded very upset. I went to check on him and saw him standing in the crib screaming. As I listened closer to Zachary’s cries, I could tell he was saying something. He was also holding the Cornell teddy. Then I realized what he was saying, “Don’t want teddy, don’t want teddy…!” I walked in, took the teddy from Zachary and he laid right back down in the crib. He did not make another peep for the rest of the night.

I have so many questions. Why not just throw the Cornell teddy out of the crib? Why did he need me to take Cornell teddy from him? Why was it so upsetting to have Cornell teddy in his crib when Zachary already sleeps with a bunch of stuffed animals? Why am I trying to understand toddler logic?

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