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Zachary and Routines

June 10, 2013
zach reading the paper

Zachary and his morning routine at Grandma and Grandpa’s

I have read that toddlers really like routines because they have so little control over their lives. While adults may find predictability to be boring, little ones find predictability to be delightful. Zachary is no different as he loves routines. What I find funny is that Zachary has figured out some of our routines and gets really anxious if we do not perform these routines. For example, here is how it typically goes when I get home from work:

ZACHARY: Hi Daddy! Hi Daddy!

ME: Hi Zachary!

ZACHARY: Jacket, jacket, jacket…

ME: Okay, I will take off my jacket.

ZACHARY: Glasses, glasses, glasses…

ME: Yep, taking off the glasses.

ZACHARY: Shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes!!!

ME: Got it.

Zachary will get seriously upset if I don’t perform these tasks fast enough. 

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