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The Midget Music Critic

June 11, 2013
zachary and his foot

Not sure how I shot a picture at such an odd angle and yes, that is Zachary’s foot

In the background of this picture, you will see our TV with toddler Pandora playing on it. I love playing music for Zachary so I often have this on in the background when we are hanging out at home. The other day the music was playing and Zachary got very excited and started saying something to me as he was pointing to the TV. Zachary had been a bit fussy that night so I was bit worried as to what he was going to say.

ZACHARY: Daddy, I like this. I like this.

ME: You like this song?

ZACHARY: Song. I like this song.

ME: Um, great, we will keep listening to it. I am glad you like it. That is really good news.

The song was “Bingo” for those who are curious. Zachary has now done this a number of times as he seems to enjoy pointing out to me the songs he likes. That is totally fine with me, it sure beats him pointing out things that he does not like which happens a lot more often.

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