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Zachary and Pretend Meal Time

June 12, 2013
zach with face covered in food

Can you guess what I was just eating?

There is a book that Zachary likes called “Happy Birthday Mouse”. In the book, there are pictures of brownies, cupcakes and muffins. Zachary likes to pretend to grab the brownies, cupcakes and muffins and eat them. He laughs as he grabs these pictures and eats them. He even grabs Mouse, the main character and pretends to eat him.

Zachary has a toy kitchen that he loves to make things at. I will ask Zachary what he is making and he will respond, “Pizza”. He will take turns feeding me and feeding himself the pizza with a spoon – not quite sure how this works. His toy kitchen also includes a coffee pot and if we ask for coffee, he will get the coffee pot and try to feed us out of it.

Zachary loves to play with our pots and pans in the real kitchen. He will pretend to mix things and take turns feeding himself and us. The other day Wifey was not participating in this make believe fast enough and Zachary started shouting at her, “Mommy, eat, eat!!!”

With how good Zachary is at make believe meal time and how not so good he is at real meal time, Wifey pondered “I really think Zachary enjoys pretend eating more than actual eating.”

Answer to picture question: Mac & Cheese.

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