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It’s Dark in Here

June 20, 2013

Zachary has his own new version of hide and seek. Zachary will come to me and say “hide, hide, hide”. We will then go to my closet and he will grab me so I go in there with him. Zachary will then shut the door and we will both scream “It’s dark in here, it’s dark in here”. Zachary will laugh as we do this. I will then open the door and Zachary will close it again and we will again both shout about it being dark in there. When Zachary gets bored he will make me switch over to Wifey’s closet and then back to my closet. Zachary plays some silly games.

Other Zachary silliness:

  • The other day Zachary insisted on sitting in a pot on the kitchen floor while eating dinner.
  • Zachary now likes to slap his lap while sitting like he is playing the drums singing some song that sounds like “goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.” We are unsure as to what song he is trying to sing.
  • Recently, I have asked Zachary what song he wanted me to sing. He responded ABCs but then got mad when I actually tried to sing it.
  • When I ask Zachary what he wants for dinner he loves to say cookies and cracks up when I say we can’t have cookies for dinner. Then he will say goldfish and crack up when I say we can’t have goldfish for dinner.
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