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Zach or Zack: Damn you Zack Wheeler!!!!!!!!!!

June 21, 2013

Zack Wheeler you may have screwed me. Zachary and I are huge Mets fans and we are super excited – me more than he – for the young phenom pitcher who just joined the Mets rotation. While it would be great if  Zack Wheeler turns out to be a star it also poses a major problem for me. When Zachary was first born, I wrote a post about whether the spelling for Zachary’s nickname should be Zach or Zack. My concern was related to the fact that people are always spelling my name, Marc wrong. My parents went with the less common spelling which resulted in everyone  including my father at times misspelling my name. I vowed that when I named my son I would use the most common spelling and use a name that was rarely spelled differently. We happily settled on Zachary and used this spelling because Zachary is rarely spelled differently. The issue that did not occur to me until after my son was born was that there where two ways to spell his nickname. My internet research revealed that “Zach” is much more common than “Zack” so problem solved (despite the popularity of Zack Morris). That is until the emergence of Zack Wheeler. His full name is Zachary Wheeler but he has frustratingly chosen or had chosen for him the spelling “Zack”. This means as Mr. Wheeler becomes a star and hall of famer and the greatest pitcher to ever live (a Mets fan can dream), it will become more and more common that people go with the “Zack” spelling. Soon that will be the most common spelling and everyone will spell our dear little Zachary’s nickname wrong for the rest of his life. Damn you Wheeler!!!!

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