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It’s Dark in Here

June 20, 2013

Zachary has his own new version of hide and seek. Zachary will come to me and say “hide, hide, hide”. We will then go to my closet and he will grab me so I go in there with him. Zachary will then shut the door and we will both scream “It’s dark in here, it’s dark in here”. Zachary will laugh as we do this. I will then open the door and Zachary will close it again and we will again both shout about it being dark in there. When Zachary gets bored he will make me switch over to Wifey’s closet and then back to my closet. Zachary plays some silly games.

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What does a Toddler Midget do During a Wedding

June 19, 2013

zach at wedding

This past Sunday, on Father’s Day we attended a wedding. The wedding was held at an Indian restaurant in Long Island. What does Zachary do during a wedding? Here is a rundown of how he spent his time there:

  • Hiding behind the curtains at the restaurant.
  • Reaching up and stealing the wedding table cards in an effort I guess to prevent anyone from knowing where they were sitting.
  • Stealing the spoons from the buffet table.
  • Playing hide and seek.
  • Looking over an entire plate of delicious Indian food and barely touching it.
  • Chowing down on the plain pasta the restaurant was nice enough to make.
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My Continuing Conversations with an Almost 2 yr old

June 18, 2013


ME: Hey Zachary, do you want to hear some stories? How about “The Umbrella”.


ME: (I start reading) Hey, little Carlos, where are you going with your umbrella? To see the

ZACHARY: (interrupts) Doggie.

ME: To see the animals in the cloud forest.

ZACHARY: (pointing at the page) Doggie, doggie.

ME: That is actually a cow, Zachary. I’ll start over. Hey, little Carlos, where are

ZACHARY: Doggie! Doggie!

ME: (looking closer at the picture). Nope, no doggie there or behind the cow. Just a cow. No doggie.


ME: No doggie, cow. I can see how you would think it is a doggie because the picture kind of looks like one but it is a cow. Hey, little Carlos


ME: Fine, whatever, it is a doggie. Hey, little Carlos, where are you going


Lady, you can drive my car

June 17, 2013

Zachary is driving around in a toy motorized Cadillac Escalade with his new friend Vivienne. I have to say, kids toys have gotten a whole lot cooler since I was little. While I was amazed as these two midgets drove around, Zachary seemed a bit more amazed with his lady driver.

Zachary’s Rules to Understanding When Something is Mine

June 17, 2013
zachary eating a cupcake

Zachary stuffing his face with a cupcake

I am not sure how Zachary learned the word “mine” but he now uses that word all the time.

RULE #1: If I have picked it up even if it is in a store, than it immediately becomes mine.

RULE #2: If I can successfully take it away from another kid than it is mine.

RULE #3:  If I cannot successfully take it away from another kid it is still mine.

RULE #4: If I was ever playing with it then it is mine.

RULE #5: If it is in our apartment than it is mine.

RULE #6: If I can touch it than it is mine. 

Zachary climbs a mountain – at least a toddler mountain

June 14, 2013
zach hanging with Cousin Willy on the bed

Zachary hanging with Cousin Willy on the bed

The mighty Zachary did something he had never done earlier this week. He climbed the great mountain known as Mommy’s and Daddy’s bed. He got on the bed all by himself which was a pretty big deal. Go Zachary, go!!!

The Birthday Present Gauntlet Has Been Thrown Down by Aunt Jessie

June 14, 2013

zach on bear

Zachary’s 2nd bday is not for a few weeks but Aunt Jessie’s bday gift came early and we may already have a winner for best birthday gift. Zachary was so excited when he saw his rocking bear that he jumped right on and started rocking. He even likes to pet and pretend to feed his bear. I really doubt anyone is going to top this gift.

Zachary is very specific in his demands of Mommy and Daddy

June 13, 2013

Sometimes Wifey and I compare notes and find odd results.

ME: Any trouble getting Zachary down to sleep tonight.

WIFEY: Not really, though he didn’t want me to leave the room. He kept saying, “Mommy, sit down, sit down,” so that I would stay in there while he fell asleep.

ME: Oh, he actually did the same thing to me the other night, but he said, “Daddy, lie down, lie down.” I guess because when I stay in there I lie down.

WIFEY: Yeah, I usually sit.

ME: Do you ever lie down while waiting for him to fall asleep.

WIFEY: I tried but Zachary got mad and said, “Mommy, sit, no lie down”,

ME: I am sure glad he lets me lie down.

Zachary and Pretend Meal Time

June 12, 2013
zach with face covered in food

Can you guess what I was just eating?

There is a book that Zachary likes called “Happy Birthday Mouse”. In the book, there are pictures of brownies, cupcakes and muffins. Zachary likes to pretend to grab the brownies, cupcakes and muffins and eat them. He laughs as he grabs these pictures and eats them. He even grabs Mouse, the main character and pretends to eat him.

Zachary has a toy kitchen that he loves to make things at. I will ask Zachary what he is making and he will respond, “Pizza”. He will take turns feeding me and feeding himself the pizza with a spoon – not quite sure how this works. His toy kitchen also includes a coffee pot and if we ask for coffee, he will get the coffee pot and try to feed us out of it. Read more…

The Midget Music Critic

June 11, 2013
zachary and his foot

Not sure how I shot a picture at such an odd angle and yes, that is Zachary’s foot

In the background of this picture, you will see our TV with toddler Pandora playing on it. I love playing music for Zachary so I often have this on in the background when we are hanging out at home. The other day the music was playing and Zachary got very excited and started saying something to me as he was pointing to the TV. Zachary had been a bit fussy that night so I was bit worried as to what he was going to say.

ZACHARY: Daddy, I like this. I like this.

ME: You like this song?

ZACHARY: Song. I like this song.

ME: Um, great, we will keep listening to it. I am glad you like it. That is really good news.

The song was “Bingo” for those who are curious. Zachary has now done this a number of times as he seems to enjoy pointing out to me the songs he likes. That is totally fine with me, it sure beats him pointing out things that he does not like which happens a lot more often.