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Zachary is fine with being a cliché

June 25, 2013

zachary in a box

Want to save money this year on Zachary’s 2nd birthday gift? Send the box and forget the actual present. We have started receiving some of Zachary’s 2nd birthday gifts in the mail. Zachary has gotten some good gifts so far but seems to be a lot more fascinated with the boxes than the actual toys. I know this is a cliché joke about toddlers but it is funny because it is true, at least in Zachary’s case. What does Zachary like to do with the boxes? He likes to hide in them which is fine but it does not work so well when he tries to get me to hide in there with him.


Being Bad is What I do

June 24, 2013

zachary with new doo

Last night, I took Zachary onto our building’s roof to play before bedtime. The roof is great because it is a convenient, contained space where he can run around outside. Or, at least I thought it was great until Zachary discovered the little rocks in the corner of the roof. Zachary grabbed one of these rocks last night and put it in his mouth. I immediately forced Zachary to take the rock out of his mouth and told him we were going to leave the roof if he put another rock in his mouth. Of course, like ten seconds later Zachary put another rock in his mouth. I had warned Zachary and since he did it again I grabbed him and carried him off the roof. He was screaming and crying that he wanted to go back onto the roof.

ME: Zachary, I warned you if you put another rock in your mouth we would leave.


ME: I will give you one more chance. If we go back out to the roof, are you going to put a rock in your mouth?


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Zach or Zack: Damn you Zack Wheeler!!!!!!!!!!

June 21, 2013

Zack Wheeler you may have screwed me. Zachary and I are huge Mets fans and we are super excited – me more than he – for the young phenom pitcher who just joined the Mets rotation. While it would be great if  Zack Wheeler turns out to be a star it also poses a major problem for me. When Zachary was first born, I wrote a post about whether the spelling for Zachary’s nickname should be Zach or Zack. My concern was related to the fact that people are always spelling my name, Marc wrong. My parents went with the less common spelling which resulted in everyone  including my father at times misspelling my name. I vowed that when I named my son I would use the most common spelling and use a name that was rarely spelled differently. We happily settled on Zachary and used this spelling because Zachary is rarely spelled differently. The issue that did not occur to me until after my son was born was that there where two ways to spell his nickname. Read more…

It’s Dark in Here

June 20, 2013

Zachary has his own new version of hide and seek. Zachary will come to me and say “hide, hide, hide”. We will then go to my closet and he will grab me so I go in there with him. Zachary will then shut the door and we will both scream “It’s dark in here, it’s dark in here”. Zachary will laugh as we do this. I will then open the door and Zachary will close it again and we will again both shout about it being dark in there. When Zachary gets bored he will make me switch over to Wifey’s closet and then back to my closet. Zachary plays some silly games.

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What does a Toddler Midget do During a Wedding

June 19, 2013

zach at wedding

This past Sunday, on Father’s Day we attended a wedding. The wedding was held at an Indian restaurant in Long Island. What does Zachary do during a wedding? Here is a rundown of how he spent his time there:

  • Hiding behind the curtains at the restaurant.
  • Reaching up and stealing the wedding table cards in an effort I guess to prevent anyone from knowing where they were sitting.
  • Stealing the spoons from the buffet table.
  • Playing hide and seek.
  • Looking over an entire plate of delicious Indian food and barely touching it.
  • Chowing down on the plain pasta the restaurant was nice enough to make.
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My Continuing Conversations with an Almost 2 yr old

June 18, 2013


ME: Hey Zachary, do you want to hear some stories? How about “The Umbrella”.


ME: (I start reading) Hey, little Carlos, where are you going with your umbrella? To see the

ZACHARY: (interrupts) Doggie.

ME: To see the animals in the cloud forest.

ZACHARY: (pointing at the page) Doggie, doggie.

ME: That is actually a cow, Zachary. I’ll start over. Hey, little Carlos, where are

ZACHARY: Doggie! Doggie!

ME: (looking closer at the picture). Nope, no doggie there or behind the cow. Just a cow. No doggie.


ME: No doggie, cow. I can see how you would think it is a doggie because the picture kind of looks like one but it is a cow. Hey, little Carlos


ME: Fine, whatever, it is a doggie. Hey, little Carlos, where are you going


Lady, you can drive my car

June 17, 2013

Zachary is driving around in a toy motorized Cadillac Escalade with his new friend Vivienne. I have to say, kids toys have gotten a whole lot cooler since I was little. While I was amazed as these two midgets drove around, Zachary seemed a bit more amazed with his lady driver.